Monday, 30 July 2007

False marriage and Matthieu Kassovitz

My adopted husband went to the Secret Garden Party this weekend. I don't know what sort of secrets they hid there, but the Husband, already one of the kindest and most generous human beings in existence, must have had his superpowers amped up considerably because he’s turned into a sort of Cumbrian Godfather.

Adopted Husband: you there kat?
AH: have an offer you can't refuse

Kat: yes

AH: well, I don't want you t quit quitting
because i like yuou

Kat: :)

AH: and I don't want you die of cancer
so - I am offering to fund all the lollipops you need
or chewing gum
or whateverhelps you not smoke

Kat: bless you!
how lovely is my husband?

AH: extreamly

Kat: um, chocolate and money helps me not smoke?
Diamonds, too
oh, and cars

AH: yeah yeah
calming chupachups?
or the real ones?

Kat: actually, I found that just not drinking helps me not smoke
nah, chupa chups are too much like smoking

AH: very much so aparently

Kat: I get on absolutely fine as long as I don't drink
but thank you so much - that's really beyond amazing.

AH: its an open offer, not without limits on funding, but if you do find sometihing that helps, let me know, and I shall provide

Kat: AH, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever offered me

AH: now - i've got a day off and intend to watching La Haine and not doing a lot :)

Kat: thank you
oh amazing!

Kat: mathieu kassovitz would help me stop smoking

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