Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Binge eating. Stop the binge eating.

News in April: 'Gisele Bundchen has put on 15 lbs since giving up smoking. The Brazilian supermodel says she is enjoying food so much more since kicking her habit.

She revealed: "When you stop smoking you gain weight because food tastes better than when it tasted like an ashtray."'

This is, of course, balls. You eat more because you need to keep yourself occupied and not thinking about inhaling, holding or buying, and you do that by eating obscene amounts of shite.

I actually can't eat any more food, but I can't stop. Maybe my body's blurred by the fact it was lady week recently, a time when I traditionally slump on the sofa and inhale whatever my body craves, but it's carried on and on and fucking Ariston.

Junk food I've eaten since Sunday:
- One packet of fruit Clubs
- Seven Frubes (frozen)
- Two bowls of Weetos
- Some dried apricots
- Leftover fudge I hadn't bothered cleaning up after Glastonbury
- Two packets of Munchies
- Toffee Crisp
- Three Krispy Kremes
- Twister
- Calippo (doesn't count, it's traditional summer breakfast)

I am a human rubbish bin. now I see why food diaries are so effective when dieting. It's like an autopsy of how thoroughly disgusting one human being can be.

Yesterday I had rehearsals in Windsor for a play I'm in at the Edinburgh Festival. Charlotte had brought Krispy Kremes along ("I'm not hungry", I say before proceeding to eat two).

"You're going to get very, very fat if you carry on like this," she said conversationally. Seeing as I'm playing someone who's supposed to be very thin due in no small part to the fact that she's dying, this isn't helpful. And more to the point, I'm supposed to be getting healthier by giving up smoking, not morbidly obese.

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